an afternoon at the sydney harbour

Sunday, April 21, 2019

A roll of clouds blanketed the sky when I arrived at the Sydney Harbour. I leaned against a railing and found myself lost amidst a beautiful view.

The sound of birds, the chatter of strangers, the rumbling of gentle waves. My eyes went to the ships as they glided to and fro. Boats and ferries, pacing like watch guards, moving from one end of the bay to the other.

Center of the scenic, overcast view is where the Harbour Bridge stood, a majestic metal arc elegantly sitting in its rightful throne. To the Opera House a few feet from where I stood, I whispered, "You must get tired of this already."

my writing dreams might have to wait

Friday, March 29, 2019

Full disclosure: What you're about to read is a personal tell-all about my beginner's journey in writing, and a dilemma I've been dealing with over the past year. Although everything I've written is true, if you're expecting a relevant or compelling story, I'm afraid you might not find it here. Feel free to surf through my other stories through the links on this page, or simply stay tuned, for more from me, should there be anything. Thanks for stopping by. x


Two roads diverge before me and I stand at the crossroads, not knowing what to choose. Two paths call my name and invite me to take a step. They lead to separate places, hence the further I go, the harder it will be to turn another way.

But the two roads, they diverge, and I still do not know what to choose. I've spent a year trying, yet have not come any closer to a decision.

It is the biggest dilemma of my life, and I am torn about having to decide. Two roads diverge. I could not choose. How could I, when to embark on one, means to sacrifice the other?

a bed, a phone call, and a confidence crisis

Sunday, February 17, 2019

It started with LinkedIn.

In one of my aimless, desperate conquests that involve going into random job application sites and filling out forms—just to chicken out at the last Send button—the blank form had asked for my LinkedIn profile.

My profile was made a little over a year ago, when my brother was sitting at the computer, and suggested that I make one myself. "It's good for networking," he says, "It'll help you get jobs, like a handy online résumé." Intrigued by any possible thing that can make me look more professional, I finally made a LinkedIn page.

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