A Closer Listen: Stories from Melbourne's Street Musicians

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Melbourne is fond of its street musicians. Melbourne stops to hear them play, offers streets to be their stage. They are students, architects, dreamers, and even grandparents. I've found there is more to hear from our everyday performers than their music alone.

life | turning twenty

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Silence in an auditorium. A spotlight clanks open, a glowing circle lands on the stage. It's blinding my eyes, but I guess this is it. Becoming twenty. Start of a show. Beginning of a first act.

What now? I think to myself. Do I move my feet at all? Do I sing, belt out a chorus? Do I stay still, and simply speak? 

The light is still blinding. Murmurs from the audience. They're wondering about what I'll do. I'm wondering the same thing. The silence gradually returns. My first act begins with a lesson. 

Is it a lesson to make the right move? To successfully mesmerise a room full of audience? Or is it that there is no audience at all? That the only person looking – that matters – is me?

read, watch, and listen | what i've been loving lately

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A little while ago, I'd devoted into the act of writing good, meaningful pieces. But among critical long form articles and personal essays as candidate for a future memoir, I also miss the act of blogging just for the fun of it. Part of constructing this blog as a memorabilia of who I am also includes sharing with everyone (or no one in particular) about what I love.

There's something almost intimate about it  – when you want to really know someone, ask them what they love. Whether or not we realise it, the things we read, watch, or listen to, all become fragments that form us as a whole. For someone else, catching a glimpse of that is giving them the chance, momentarily, to look right through you. Right past your status, or your attributes – e.g. your occupation, skills, and studies.

Three hobbies of mine happen to be reading, watching, and listening. I like to think that it's essential to feed yourself with multi-sensory stimuli on a daily basis – but maybe that's just me. So written below is my "Loved Lately" list, comprised of titles I've been loving in these three areas.

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