Citizens of Heaven

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A lot of hardships can happen in a life like mine.

For weeks I've been in my most dreadful state. My emotions have been going up and down, and then further down. I have nearly destructed my relationship with God just because I've been so caught up in anger, tiredness and frustration. Within these weeks, I have not felt love. I have not felt pure joy. I have not felt peace.
This morning I am making a decision to reconnect. To ask for forgiveness all over again. To be honest, that "Left Behind" movie was scary enough (scarier than any horror movie). But that's not why I wanted to reconnect with God. I want to build my relationship with Him again simply because I miss Him. Often times, it's hard to fully understand just how much He loves us unconditionally. A love that doesn't exist in this world. I do this all the time (the whole disconnect-reconnecting thing) and it's very tiring. But it's a progress. A spiritual journey is called a "journey" (and not a "highway") for a reason. It's because you dodge bullets and tackle storms. You sink into unfamiliar waters, and climb huge mountains. It's a journey, but all you actually need is God. All I actually need is God. And it leads me to this quote I read yesterday:
As Christians, we are not citizens of the world trying to get into Heaven. We are citizens of Heaven, trying to make it through the world.


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