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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hey, guys. I hope you're all having a lovely holiday (mine is about to end really soon *sniff*). These are the last moments of 2014 and I am not in another country, not having this joyride adventure, but instead I am stuck at home in my bedroom with a bad case of a sore throat, a cold, and some horrible coughs. Sad face.

But anyway, I wanted to share some recent pictures from my Instagram feed that practically summarizes my 2014 in some ways. If you want to see my photo feed, you could visit this post I made a while ago called "Ten Thousand Words" where I posted 10 of my best pictures. I hope your day is going a bit better than mine is.

My Christmas in Colors

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Church's centrepiece

Merry Christmas, lovely people! 
So I just decided to take a few pictures on my phone with this super cool colourful LemeCam effect that will kind of show you guys a little compilation of what my Christmas looks like. I didn't cover every part of my Christmas but here are just a few.

They had quite pretty windows and glass art. It was pretty big and crowded.

Okay so the two pictures above are from church. I went to my own church on Christmas Day for the 10 AM service, but for Christmas Eve, I kind of decided to accompany my mom and some of my relatives and go to this Catholic church for their Christmas Eve service. It didn't do much good to me though, because I found that it was a bit too ritual for me and I just wasn't used to any of it. I used to join this Catholic church when I was little, but then I stopped. It's different for everyone, I suppose!

I went super casual for Christmas day because I did not feel like dressing up for the day. I only saw some of my relatives and I went to church with my siblings as well. I think age-appropriate-wise, it's okay if I don't wear a $20 dress just for Christmas.

Lunch with Nikki

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Today, I had lunch with my mom, my good friend Nikki, Nikki's mom, and a friend of our moms. We went to this cool place across town called "Historica". It's a small and adorable little cafe that basically sells coffee, pastry, brunch, and breakfast. I adored the interior and I felt like sharing these photos from the wonderful day with you guys! Their service was good, and the food I had was awesome, but the last time I went here, I ordered a green tea latte and it was the worst I had in the world. I guess today, the ones I ordered weren't so bad.

December: A Month of Giving

Friday, December 5, 2014

The month of December has dawned upon us and it kind of dawned on me how it is our last month, our last chance to do something meaningful for others and for ourselves. I'm, of course, not implying that I think all of us has wasted just enough on the year 2014 itself. I believe there have been plenty of things happening around us this year, each person with a different story. But now, I feel like there is more to be done than just bid the year farewell. Take Part is a website that contains every bit of article about things that matter: Causes, awareness, pledges, etc. What I wanted to do was to list three causes that I thought should be more highlighted to the world.
Just for your information, I'm not doing this to get praised or to get attention. I do not need your attention, but they do. So this post will provide you with information on the donations involved as well as the link to where you can actually donate. It only takes a few clicks to start making change. There is a reason why I called this blog "a blog of important things", and it's because I wanted to post about all the things I find important of worth talking about. I strongly feel that this is the most important post I've made. Here are three ways you can give this Christmas:

1. Clean Water and Food Security for Africa

Personal Movie Reviews

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hello, fellow earthlings!
So November is coming to an end, and I can't say I'm not devastated. Of course, November has been a pretty rough and unexpected month for me personally, but I'm mostly just surprised on how fast time goes (didn't I have that New Year's Eve gathering last week?). I don't know why I feel like life treats us all like a time-bomb, and we never know where it ends. They say that the older we get, the faster our life goes by, because there's a pure mathematical and logical reason. They say it's because a year to a 4-year-old is a quarter of his life. But, to a 30-year-old, it is a thirtieth of his life, therefore it holds the same amount but on a totally different ratio, and so on. Basically, everything is the same, but to each person, it never is. Pure insanity!
But anyway, that's not what I made this post for. I've always found movies very interesting and I watch them in the theatres really often with my friends and family. And so, I decided to list only five films that I've watched recently and I'm going to write whether I liked them or not, and why. Of course, mild spoiler alert for these movies but I'll be respectful!

1. Big Hero 6

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