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Sunday, January 25, 2015

I am so excited about this, you guys.

So about last week, my mom went out of town for a calligraphy workshop that lasted 2 days. When she got home, she had bought me a stuffed bunny (long story) and a brand new planner! I've always wanted one and I've been needing one for so long now that I'm in high school. And the minute I saw this, I totally fell in love with it. I just knew that it would be my life companion. Well, at least for about 2 years, give or take a few days. If you were wondering, it's a product by Moleskine!

From the outside, it looks pretty simple. It's pocket-sized and has this band going around it then along the side to secure it, and the cover is just this subtle, black hard cover. I'm actually not planning on personalising or decorating it on the outside, because I do want to keep it as simple as possible and leave the whole creativity for the inside. It's black, so there's no need for explaining. It's just absolutely gorgeous to me. I can't even try to explain it. The planner is designed to go all the way until December 2016.

Inside, it's got everything I need

A 2015-to-2016 calendar.

Then this part is kind of a simple monthly planner. Here, I write down the big events, holidays and birthdays and whatnot. (And yes, I already wrote Christmas on December 25th 2015 even if it's still January because that's just the kind of Christmas-enthusiast I am)

And this part, the one that's totally gonna come in handy, is the weekly planner. Above, you'll see three pictures of what I wrote on the very start. As I said, it goes from the first week of 2015, to the last of 2016. So they still had December 31st and January 1st, even though I got this planner on January 18th. But, I saw a chance and took it. I ended up writing down my resolutions on the 1st, as well as putting in some quotes. (I hope you don't think I'm trying to show off my horrible pretty-writing skills because I totally am not)

I didn't want a day planner because I'm still at school and so listing what I had to accomplish that day in forms of hours wouldn't be much help. And it would be space-consuming anyway. So, I'm glad that this is a weekly planner, where I can just write everything down from quizzes, deadlines, to what I want to do on that day. It's helping me a lot for simply sorting things out and figuring out what I have to do, and when I have to do it. Organizing my tasks is a big deal for me, because I always have such a tight schedule. I swear, this planner is Heaven-sent.

At about the front of this book, it's got, wow, everything. First, a world map. (Score!) That was pretty cool to me, and it's kind of giving me stronger vibes of wanderlust every time I open it. But still, I love it to death. It's not an accurate world map. Okay, it's not a map. It's actually just there to provide information about time zones. 

Other than that, they also have this little spread telling us about flight durations! Give or take a few hours or minutes depending on weathers, airlines, etc. But wow, I'm loving this. I also put some hearts at the end of some destinations. Because, like I said, wanderlust.

Aside from that, this seemingly ready-for-traveling planner also has about 2 pages designed for you to plan your travels and make memos! Destinations, etc. It's so useful and I can't wait to plan this year's (and next year's) travels with this planner.

In this section, they also have tons of data about measurements and conversions (very educational, people) and also a page on international sizes. Gives you a whole page of mens' sizes, womens' sizes, for dresses, suits, shoes, etc! It's quite fantastic, and it's gonna come in handy for online shopping too which is pretty great.

Another fun thing about this book is the little moon remarks. I like looking at the moon and from where I live, it usually comes in a beautiful view. This planner gives the signs for the days and the hours. Me gusta.

Lastly, at the back of the planner, there are a few pages (the number of pages that are definitely not enough and not as much as I'd hoped, but anyway) where you could write down different notes and memos. Basically, a blank space. I decided to use this little section to write down things that I learn from my life. Things that have applied or happened to me, and so whatever I learn from my small experiences, I write them down as well as the dates where I learned them. One day, when the pages are filled, I'll look back and think of everything my life handed to me. And on that day, I can't wait to share it with you guys!

Basically, that's all for this post! I simply wanted to share to you about this new planner. I am so excited and happy about this, and right now, it's already like a best friend to me. I love this little book where I just write things down. It's not a journal, not a diary with many space available, but it's something. I find it so valuable and am going to treasure it, probably forever.

Do you use a planner? What do you like most about it? Or maybe you have a diary, a journal? Do you like writing things down? Let me know in the comments below! 
I hope you guys had a terrific week. Stay tuned!

From the girl who just loves a good planner,


  1. OMG! Your planner is perfect!


  2. I have a similar planner but yours is so organized and cute!

  3. That's a beautiful planner, but the best is how beautifully you write in it!! :))) Mine is much more crowded ;-)


  4. You have a beautiful handwriting! So organized, too.

    Are you from Indonesia? ^_^

  5. Moleskine's are the best! Been using them every since high school, although lately I scribble around more than write down actually assignments etc.
    Love the quotes you've written down.

    xx Cheyenne

  6. Great post. Love it. I have to new post, pls, see it when you have a time:


  7. Love this planner and your handwriting is lovely too! I love your new year resolutions. X x


  8. moleksins are a must for me and i use them exclusively. i dont mind the price at all lol even though they're a bit prohibitive esp when you get 'cute' notebooks for cheap. i use the Professional XL for my blogging journal and the cahiers and volants for general journaling.
    A Beautiful Zen

  9. Oh you're planner is perfect! So well organized!

  10. Love your planner, I have a similar one. I find it so useful to stay organized and keep everything together. :)


  11. So cute! And love the way you've personalised it :) think I might have to get one myself now, I've always had regular diaries but this looks fresh!
    Amanda xxx


  12. What a great post! I love planners, they are incredibly helpful and make your life so much easier :)

    Bella Pummarola

  13. What a great planner!

  14. This seems like the perfect planner :)

  15. looks like you are putting it into good use

  16. This is awesome, I love what you've written inside of it (love your handwriting) and the quotes and motivation!

  17. I have a Lorna Jane Diary this year, but I've always, always wanted the planner that the Olsen twins had in their movie New York Minute. Not gonna lie, still do want it :$ hehe.


  18. Wish you further many fun with your new planner!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  19. Love this! I could really do with a planner..
    Want to follow each other via GFC? Let me know!

    Abbey xo | www.absie.co.uk

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  21. I love planners, they help me being organized, and your's is really cute!


  22. so many info inside that journal!!! fantastic!!! :D love the world map!

    Animated Confessions

  23. It looks lovely! I recently got a similar sized and similarly designed planner as well and I'm loving it!


  24. I love Moleskines!!
    They are coming out with a new white product line that I can't wait for!
    I just stumbled across your blog, it's super cute :) New follower here

    C O C O N I C O L E

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