Thursday, January 1, 2015

What You Need to Know about New Year Resolutions

Hello, special and wonderful people.
First of all, Happy New Year to you all! Wishing you a very happy and successful year ahead!
The year has finally ended and we are, well, left speechless wondering about how it all ended so fast. 2014 for me was particularly interesting. It was basically one of my roughest years ever for a lot of reasons, but a lot of wonderful things still did happen to me this year. I think the idea is to look back at what's past but never go back, and to give yourself the chance to forgive yourself. This year, I grew and evolved but also stopped and took some time to myself, I travelled and I learned and I changed in many different ways. There are plenty of things that could make us change: Falling in and/or out of love, losing someone's trust, losing trust in someone, facing rejection and critique, and many more. The important thing is how we use these things as a fuel to drive ourselves further.

I grabbed these pictures from Pinterest and I found them very beautiful and motivating for this New Year. My hope is that you guys take a look at each of them and find motivation and strength to go after what you want in 2015.

Being who you are is important, and we've known this since forever (even when we sometimes find difficulty in becoming who we are a little more fearlessly), but believing in who you are is even more important. The thing about "resolutions" is that you are giving yourself a brand new set of hopes. Of dreams and goals and all you wish to achieve. In order to succeed, you have to know what you want, what you must do to earn it, and how badly you want it.

"Working hard" and "changing your ways" are things that are always, always, easier said than done.
These are the things that we need to keep in mind as we go on the journey that is 2015. We need to remind ourselves that it's not supposed to be easy. It's not supposed to feel good all the time. Adventures don't come in steadily and smoothly, because that is not how you grow. 

We may picture the best progression on how we will move slowly towards success, but we easily forget about what might get in the way. Resolutions aren't just about goals, change and growth, it's also about anticipation. Don't just be committed, but be ready. I think we've noticed (all of us) that the worst enemy comes from the inside of ourselves. This is a tough reminder, but we need to realize that there will be bad days. Dearest readers, what makes us special is how we work through the bad days. How  the rough days do not take us away from our hopeful journey of long-awaited dreams and goals.

I always have a set of New Year's Resolutions at the start of just about every year, but I think it's quite pathetic and saddening just how little of those goals I actually succeeded in (or even just attempted to try). I lose motivation easily, and many people do. But there was one thing I learned from one of my favourite Hilary Duff movies: Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. It doesn't stop us from hoping and from making new goals. Giving ourselves second chances, third and fourth chances.

My resolutions are:

1. Starting a permanent, steady, healthy lifestyle. I might not get that supermodel body this year, but I will be healthier by eating healthier, and doing more exercise. It is not a form of self-punishment, it is a form of self-love, self-care, and self-respect. I will drink more water, because I want to start loving my kidney a little bit more. My future self will thank myself for this.

2. Taking cello classes. Fun fact, I've been playing the piano for many years, and so I've always loved  classical music. Lately, I've been particularly interested in trying out an instrument from the strings section. I fell in love with the elegant, soulful sounds of the cello. It makes beautiful music, and I will start learning. I will be serious in taking my classes, and I will make my parents (and myself) proud.

3. Being better. A better friend, a better sister, a better daughter, a better artist. Better character, better intentions, better-dressed too, of course.

4. Fully devoted into contributing to my lifelong dream: Becoming a fashion designer. I will work on my portfolio, and I will take very serious illustration and pattern-making classes. I am not holding it off 'til the last minute anymore. This is what I've always wanted, and this is what I want for my future. It's about time to get a little more work done.

5. I will feel good about myself.

So that's all for my New Year's resolutions! If you are looking for a sign to start, or for a sign to go for it, or for a sign that hey, maybe 2015 will be my year, well this is it. It is not that complicated, stop letting yourself get in your own way. Run for the touchdown and tackle everything that blocks the way with no fear. If you feel like giving up, remember why you started, and always be the same as the person you were when you decided to start your journey. I believe in you, and I hope you believe in yourself just as much.

PS: I would also like to kind of dedicate this post to those we lost this year. Please do not forget to pray for the precious lives that we lost in 2014. Pray for strength and comfort to the people who had to suffer losses this year from tragedies. Pray for those who:
1. Lost relatives from the Ebola virus infections that started in February.
2. Had their loved ones inside the Malaysia Airlines aircraft flight 370 which disappeared last March (and hasn't yet been found). 239 souls. Forever in our prayers.
3. Are affected by the abduction of 276 girls and women from a school in Nigeria. #BringBackOurGirls
4. Are affected or lost loved ones in the very tragic situation between Israel and Palestine.
5. Lost their loved ones when Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was shot down by a missile. 298 souls this time. My deepest condolences to each of the families.
6. Lost their friends or families in the tragic Air Asia QZ8501 plane accident recently. 162 souls. Forever in our hearts.
7. Had to spend the new year with one or several of their loved ones missing from their homes, or no longer with them. They are forever in my prayers and thoughts.


  1. I LOVE the quotes you've chosen for this post! I also love your ending, too, it's so thoughtful and just plain wonderful. I hope you can achieve your goals this year - and go for it with the fashion designing dream! On the note of feeling good about yourself, I really hope you do because you leave the LOVELIEST comments on my blog and I am so so grateful for it.

    * As for the guest post: most bloggers guest post on a blog with more followers than them, to try and reach a bigger audience, as most blogs they post on are also slightly similar to their own. You could post about anything you like - but something relevant to the blog you're posting on, plus your own blog so that the other blogger's readers can get a taste of your content. If you have an idea that would work for my blog, feel free to email me and I'd love to have you over! (

    Lauren x

    1. Lauren, thank you so so so much! I adore you, this means so much to me! <3

  2. Such an inspirational post! Hope you have a lovely 2015! Learning cello would be so amazing. x x

  3. Joanne what a beautiful post. I wish I knew how to play the piano. You have very nice and achievable goals for 2015, I wish you all the best with them. Also, the last part of this post was very inspiring. It was such a wonderful touch!

    1. Miriam, thank you so much for commenting! Thanks a lot, happy new year! Xxx

  4. Love all these quotes! Happy new year :) I hope you'll have a wonderful 2015!

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. Perfection <3
    wish you a great weekend ahead…

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  7. These are some great quotes!
    happy new year

  8. Nice post. Very inspirational.

  9. Awesome write up! Have a great 2015!

  10. Really nice and motivating post - I love the quotes and your insightful thoughts, and agree. I also think your new year's resolutions are great; very interesting you want to learn the cello! I recently saw the movie "If I Stay" (and have previously read the book) which featured cello a lot so I've been intrigued by the instrument :)

  11. Great motivation! Happy New Year!

  12. wow these are so inspiring!! What a great post to see to start the year! :)


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  14. I love your insight about resolutions and just life in general. I think people set out with the idea that everything will be perfect and dandy and roses and just smell like Chanel No 5. What really makes us and when we get the most from life are those harder moments. Those moments when we think we cannot do this or that it is too hard--those are what define us. Because if we keep going it will get a little easier. If you quit, your own self judgement can be your biggest downfall if you ever want to get back up.

    I wish you the absolute best when it comes to fashion designing. It's not always easy breaking into a new industry--but I wish you the absolute best. Always remember to be positive and remind yourself what it is you want. You should do a vision board or even write it on a piece of paper and stick it on a mirror you look into daily--a constant reminder and motivator :)

    Best of luck!


    1. This is so incredibly kind of you! Thank you so so much, this means a lot to me. :) I totally agree, you're also very insightful on this!
      That vision board is a fantastic idea, thanks a lot! I'll probably work on it soon now. <3

  15. Great quotes! I like the one about being in love with your comfort zone, haha xx

    The Persephone Complex

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