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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hello Thoughts in Tiffany Blue readers! My name is Cristina Nika, a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Sydney and a regular author on High Style Life. I wish to thank Joanne for having me on her wonderful blog! I am constantly in search of good, kind and wonderful people who'd like to share their space with me and so far I 've been a very lucky girl.

Accesorizing is a great thing, and the ladies love the fact they can change their outfits, by simply adding some necklaces, earrings, scarfs and bracelets. But sometimes, it can be a little time consuming to choose the right piece of jewelry and to think of the best way of putting it all together. Luckily, there are clothing pieces that are already perfectly accessorized with big buckles. Maybe the idea sounds strange to you for now, but stick till the end, and you might be surprised.

No need for accessorizing

As mentioned on the beginning, buckles are accessories per se. For instance, when wearing an ordinary dress with no details and a purse with a big striking buckle, any further accessorizing could be like overdoing it. It is the same with the shoes with buckles. They can instantly add edginess to your entire outfit, and no one will be able to look away from them. Consider buckles as a stylish object which can be a focus of your whole clothing combination.

LBD or a little buckled dress
A buckle on the middle of the dress can bring focus to your waist and accentuate your silhouette, or create an illusion of one, if you lack curves. It will give stylishness to every dress, and it’ll especially look stunning on a wrap dress, which is a fashion must have for every woman who desires to look at her best.

For a more daring look, the perfect choice would be a floral, above the knee dress, with a big-buckled leather belt. If you’re in a constant quest for knock-out clubbing dresses, direct your quest for a figure-shaping dress with metal buckles on the side. It’s so fashionable nowadays, it wouldn’t be hard to find.

Boho trend is in the NOW
First buckles were put on shoes in the mid-17th century, and ever since they’re making pairs and pairs of shoes more striking. Regardless of whether it comes to sandals, heels, flats, wedges, boots or ankle boots, a buckle or two, or three, will elevate the pair. Make your choices right considering the boho style you’re striving for.

For example, brown leather ankle boots with a couple of buckles will give you the spunky, rock star look. On the other hand, pumps with belts and buckles around your ankles will make you ready for a girls’ night out, whenever you feel like it.

It’s a classic
An evergreen in a world of fashion, a coat with buckles was popular ever since the Victorian era, and since then, it hasn’t lost much of its popularity. Similar to coats, buckled bags seem to be here since forever. And both of these pieces are here to stay. All you need to do is to adjust them to your own personal style.

Go gothic with aristocrat tail coat with striking buckles. Look business ready with a square shaped buckle purse, for a more fun look, add a pop of bright color. There is no limit to adapting this classic to modern age.

So, are you ready to buckle up? From here it will be a wild ride. Now is the time to go buckle questing and exploring the ever crowded malls, or if you opt for an easier way, online stores. Perhaps you don’t have to go further from your closet, where you can maybe find some retro buckled pieces you’ve completely forgotten about.


So that's all for today! I hope you enjoyed this guest post that Cristina from High Style Life had set up. Cristina is a great blogger so I totally think you should check her blog out, as well as follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
Thank you to Cristina who was very eager to do a guest post for Thoughts in Tiffany Blue! You are wonderful and I truly appreciate it.

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  1. Hehe, boho trend is always in for me. I love love love buckles.

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    Sam | Samantha Betteridge

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  14. Great post. xx

  15. I just love the boho trend !

  16. I've never noticed how many different outfits the buckle trend can be used for! I love the look of baggy dresses pulled together with a belt, and this just made me inspired again! Great post!
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  17. great post !! loving the boho trend too.

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