May Favorites

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello, everyone!

I'm finally back to my regular blog post schedule (after my hiatus for this past week) and today, as always, I'll be giving you my monthly list of the things I loved in the month of May! I just finished my finals week, so I'm very glad that I can finally catch up on my blogging. 

So many great things happened in May, and although this month was, in some ways, tougher than others, I'm happy that I managed to push through. I always love coming up with these favourites posts simply because it's so fun to go through the month writing everything down the minute I start liking it, and then compiling all those things into one. It's like keeping track of the things that made you happy for the whole month.

  • Philadelphia by Parachute - I've had this song for a while, and if you're one of those people who sometimes get very desperate-romantic-ish and sentimental with a soft spot for slow, sweet, lovely songs, this is for you.
  • Dear No One by Tori Kelly - I'd just discovered Tori Kelly through YouTube because of my love for Pentatonix whose members hang out with her from time to time, and I actually really love her personality. I'm not entirely fond of her high-pitched voice, but this song is actually an accurate representation of my entire life ever and it's great.
  • Night Changes by One Direction - A good friend of mine is a fantastic singer and a while ago, she sang this song on one of our school's events, acoustically, and she posted a cover on Soundcloud, and sure enough, I fell in love with the song. I also adore the music video for this because it's so heartwarming and beautiful and just a dream.
  • No Other Name by Hillsong Worship - Hillsong Worship's album, No Other Name, is basically an amazing album in itself. But recently, I'd just started listening to the actual song titled "No Other Name" from the album, and I completely became awestruck. It's just that incredible.
  • Embers by Hillsong Young & Free - This is also a very empowering, beautiful worship song by Hillsong. The thing that makes me love it so much would be the lyrics, because they're so amazingly written. I've been listening to it non-stop every day.
  • Anna Sun by Walk The Moon - I mentioned Walk The Moon in my previous favourites post because I only discovered them last month and they, indeed, rock. Lately, I've been stuck, however, with this song from their album. It's absolutely brilliant, and revolutionary. I feel like this song should get a lot more recognition.
  • Pop Danthology 2014 by Daniel Kim - This is a mash-up that I found out about a while ago on YouTube, and only last week, I kind of found my way back to it, and yep, it stuck. It's absolutely amazing in my opinion. This 2014 hits mash-up is just, a sick beat. So much so, that I ended up downloading its MP3 version and now, I've memorised it.
  • Kanye by Chainsmokers ft. Siren - I discovered this song from Pop Danthology because it was one of the songs used, and I'm absolutely thrilled that I did. This song is so so so fun to listen to, and I also adore the music video. It's pretty old, I know, but I love it to death.


  • A new Bershka sweater - I am very much in love with the print on this sweater and also its really lovely colours. My mom got it for me on her trip out of town, and it was delightful. It has tassels at the bottom part as well, which I think makes the piece a bit more fun.
  • Black leggings - Obviously, you can never go wrong with a pair of good black leggings. And let me just inform you that I've been wearing my pair of black leggings non-stop this month. I'm confident that this will continue on until the end of time. Most definitely.
  • My aztec print leggings - If you saw my Christmas post last year, you'll see that I mentioned how my aunt got me these pair of leggings from The Executive. I gotta tell you, I've been admiring it so much lately. The fabric really is like no other, and the pattern on it suits me quite nicely. I totally enjoy wearing it out and about.

  • Post-its - Strangely, I have slowly developed an obsession for post-its. They're brilliant, of course, and lately, I've been using them for important and non-important matters. I've been sticking them literally everywhere. My wardrobe, my walls, my Moleskine journal, they're just up for my world domination or something.
  • Fitbars - Okay, so I obviously won't miss out the good stuff, and this month's good stuff? Fitbars. They sell these in my country, basically granola bars with bits of white chocolate and fruit inside them. I love them to death and have bought so many this month. And people might assume it's because of an "extreme diet", but I'm not on any extreme diet. Some healthy foods just have very appealing taste.
  • Estee Lauder mascara - This is actually just your basic, simple mascara from Estee Lauder. My mom received it as a gift pack for her purchase, and she didn't want it so she gave it to me. I actually have another mascara aside from this one, but I've kind of been shifting to this one constantly. I really like how subtle it is compared to my other one from Maybelline. It's very nice for when you're not trying to overdo it, you know?
  • My new phone! - And yes! As an early birthday gift, my mom came into my room presenting me with a new iPhone this month. It's only an iPhone 5S, but it's been a total life-saver because my old phone is very close to useless. I'm so glad about this now, especially with the really good camera, useful for better Instagram pictures (because that's obviously the only thing I care about.)
  • Grace Helbig - Lastly, in the month of May, I have been watching Grace Helbig on YouTube for way too many times. I've been so stuck with just going through nearly every video she has. I really love how witty and hilarious she is, and how she keeps it real. I don't usually have my fair share of Youtubers to root for, but Grace has officially won my heart. She's brilliant.
That is all for now, and I truly hope you enjoyed this! And yes, I kind of intentionally left out the quotes section simply because this post was already way too long. I'll make sure to put one up on my June favourites, though! 

So what are some of your May favourites? What do you think of the stuff I listed above? Leave a comment below, and tell me what you think!

100 Things I Love

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I made this list a while ago, and I figured I should just share it. :) Some are pretty basic stuff, but the things you love have a way of defining who you are.

  1. Having my family with me.
  2. My mom. Especially my mom.
  3. Realizing I have a few people I can call my true best friends.
  4. Fangirling (over everything.)
  5. Especially over Taylor Swift.
  6. Clouds, and watching them move slowly across the sky.
  7. STARS.
  8. Hot chocolate.
  9. Good music.
  10. Fashion pieces that look like works of art
  11. Just, food.
  12. When I use a certain pen or pencil and I love it because the tip of it is so comfortable to write with.
  13. Europe. Every inch of Europe.
  14. Being healthy and maintaining that condition, striving to be as fit as I can.
  15. Picturing a perfect scenario of my future.
  16. Having an amazing, all-powerful Savior.
  17. Gorgeous skies.
  18. How wide and beautiful the ocean looks from the shore, and when there's just that line that shows the horizon, and it makes you feel so small.
  19. Browsing for inspiration (Pinterest, Tumblr, you name it.)
  20. Drawing, creating, painting.
  21. Thinking. A lot. About everything.
  22. My awesome bedroom, aka sanctuary.
  23. Horseback riding (it feels very empowering and refreshing.)
  24. Puppies (need I say more?)
  25. The relationship I have with my bed.
  26. Mornings.
  27. Winter coats.
  28. Blogging!
  29. Days when it's just fairly cloudy and the wind's a liiiittle bit breezy but not rainy at all.
  30. Brush strokes.
  31. Avocado juice (with the whole chocolate business.)
  32. Washi tape!
  33. Black and white pictures
  34. Striped clothing (it's just a thing I have.)
  35. Wearing bracelets or hairbands around my wrist 24/7.
  36. Boots!
  37. Starbucks, obviously.
  38. The idea of traveling alone.
  39. Those short quotes that mean a hell lot.
  40. Post-its.
  41. Disney. Everything Disney.
  42. Long sleeved clothing.
  43. Remembering about the previous trips I took to other places.
  44. Forever 21, H&M, Asos, and all those awesome brands.
  45. Outbursts of nature's beauty (in flowers and trees.)
  46. Journals and planners, and writing in them.
  47. Being happily single.
  48. When I make people laugh or smile, or just happy, with my jokes or whatever it is that I'd said or done.
  49. Helping people, being useful, and being a blessing (or at least I hope I've been one.)
  50. The golden hour where the sun is setting and every object seen against the sky turns into a silhouette.
  51. Good hair days.
  52. The sound of orchestras and classical instruments (especially the piano and cello.)
  53. The feeling of soft fabric, and velvet.
  54. Art museums, and just art in general.
  55. Red velvet cake. In all forms. Just, YES.
  56. Singing to myself.
  57. Selfies?
  58. The taste of bread.
  59. The Milky Way.
  60. Having a gorgeous sister whom I can look up to as a role model.
  61. Having a kind and gentleman brother.
  62. Having faith and believing that there's good in everyone, and there's good in this world.
  63. Meeting and socialising and knowing different bloggers through what I do.
  64. Dipping paint into water and watching it slowly immerse itself into the water, dissolving in magnificent shapes.
  65. Brick walls.
  66. Baby animals.
  67. Writing on my hand with a pen, then pretending that it's a tattoo.
  68. Taking good pictures and creating touching videos.
  69. Bonfires.
  70. Going to the mall and window shopping with my family.
  71. Discovering things on YouTube.
  72. Giving and receiving advice.
  73. Nights when the stars become really visible.
  74. Fruits!
  75. When people are just randomly nice (especially strangers.)
  76. Worshipping God.
  77. Being alone in public with just my earphones on.
  78. Italian food.
  79. Perfect movies. Literally SO perfect that they make you ridiculously happy because everything feels perfect and then you feel sad because it's just a movie but still so overwhelmed??
  80. The old TV shows (which they should bring back.)
  81. Walking or running on a long trail.
  82. Christmas lights.
  84. All things related to beauty, skincare, or hair.
  85. Learning about life and about being a better person.
  86. Discovering new information about the world. (Fun fact: On my birthday, June 3rd, 97 years before I was born, the Eiffel Tower was struck by lightning right at the top.)
  87. Reeeaally good books!
  88. Views from airplanes.
  89. Decorating and re-decorating my bedroom.
  90. Sharpies.
  91. Peanut butter. Yes.
  92. Being in hotels.
  93. Pancakes, waffles, and all the good stuff.
  94. When people put their trust in me.
  95. Antique stores.
  96. Salad. It's not a diet thing. It's because I genuinely like salad. 
  97. Rooftops.
  98. Oreos.
  99. Tropical getaways.
  100. How everyone and everything and every place in the world just share the same moon, sky, and stars, and everything on earth is actually just slightly and vaguely but surely connected to one another.
What do you love? :) Leave a comment below. I'd love to hear what you think!

From the girl who loves a lot of things,

PERSONAL: I Talk Too Much

Saturday, May 23, 2015

I figured that I don't write that much on my blog about my own personal thoughts for something that's called "Thoughts in Tiffany Blue". I think it's because I know now that a lot of things can go wrong when you're being completely honest, and having this very open place to vent to is something I'm not entirely familiar with. But then I realised that my blog is made for many things, and it being a safe space for me to open up about my thoughts is one of those things.

So the thing is, I think I talk too much. I say too much. I think too much. There are a lot of "too much"s when it comes to my life, but in particular, lately, I think I talk too much.

They say that if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. I don't know why, but lately, all I've been doing is the exact opposite. Okay, I don't talk trash, or diss other people behind their backs, but I've felt that my behaviour and speech make other people feel inconvenient with my presence.

I'm not saying I've turned into a bad person. I'm not saying my friends hate me. I'm saying there's a difference between someone who cares about you, and someone who simply tolerates you.

Previously in my life, I've never been the type of person to talk so much. I talk a lot to people I'm close with, or I talk to my relatives pretty well, but other than that, I never speak my mind. I never could get around to actually being completely honest in front of everyone. As I entered high school, I slowly started to gain the courage to do so. I became very honest with everyone and with myself. I opened up a little bit more, and let loose a lot more than before (and I think this my friends can see too.)

Little did I know that the thing about honesty that people don't always tell you is the effect of the brutality that comes with truthfulness. I speak up when it's actually not a very nice thing to say. I talk a lot even when it's not that important. I offend people without even knowing it. I say and don't think.

I try to conceal whatever guilt or shame I have about this drastic change in myself with laughter and sarcastic remarks, but hiding it can only do so much. It's painful to think that maybe your friends don't like you so much because of this, but it's a lot more painful once you realize how you think of yourself as a horrible friend, which you kind of believe you are.

Scan through my social media and you'll see quotes on living a good life, positivity, and happiness, but how come none of it actually applies to my actual life outside the digital cloud? What does that make me? A hypocrite. That's what it makes me.

I don't find this inspiring, but I also don't find 80% of the stuff I say inspiring at all.

I've come to a conclusion that I must take action upon it. I have made a decision to directly cut back on what I say. To hold my tongue before it proceeds to get to anything I'm going to regret. I can carry a notepad, I can carry a pen, a whiteboard, anything to stop me from being like this.

A lot of you might think that this is because I don't like how I am. No, I love myself. I respect myself. It's just that when you love yourself, there are also parts of yourself that you couldn't love, no matter how hard you try.

I wish I could enjoy being brutally honest. I wish I could enjoy not caring about what other people think. But that's not who I am. I don't want to offend or hurt people anymore. I don't want to be the egotistical girl on the lunch table anymore. I don't want to see my friends force a smile when I talk because it's clear that they don't think I'm all that.

That's probably why I have no one I call a shelter. That's probably why no one offers a hand. It's because talking too much kind of creates the illusion that you're doing perfectly fine on your own.

So I can speak my mind when I want to. But I think, that's enough talking for a while.

TRAVEL: The Eiffel Tower

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The day was July 4th, 2015.

I was with my mom enjoying our day in Paris.
The brightest, most stunning day you could ever imagine. And we were so glad that the clear blue sky and sunshine were both such a perfect combination to capture the Eiffel tower. It was Heaven-sent.

Also, afterwards, we decided to stop by a small cafe near the Eiffel tower. I forgot what I ordered, but I remembered that we liked the bread and the tall waiter seemed like he liked my mom. Too much information? Probably.

There are a lot of things to love about this beautiful global icon that is the Eiffel tower. The beauty, glory, structure, and everything. A magnificent symbol for an extraordinary city. I'm so happy about these photos I took from our trip that I decided to compile them.

I have no words.

BOOKS: "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Recently, I read a book titled "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" by Jenny Han. I found this book in the bookstore and after a friend recommended it, I figured hey, why not? Frankly, I was in a bit of a book dilemma when picking up this one because it sounded, to me, like a very cliché, mainstream plot, and I feared that it was a bit too much of a checklist. I mean, the title was kind of giving it away. But I went for it anyway and it wasn't bad at all!

The length is 355 pages long, and it's probably somewhere between the YA, Fiction, and Romance genres. As a summary, this book basically tells the story of a young, ordinary Asian girl named Lara Jean Song Covey (because that is a very ordinary name yeah) (I might have been a bit jealous of her full name) (BUT ANYWAY) who had this habit of writing love letters to boys that she liked. These letters help her clarify her feelings and basically she never actually sends the letters. Instead, she keeps them in a hatbox.

One day, Lara Jean's letters were all accidentally mailed *gasp* to all the boys she's loved before (see what I did there?). Long story short, her life gets turned upside down, she faces humiliation, embarrassment, and yet, her love life couldn't get any better. Lara Jean lives with her father, who's a doctor, a big sister named Margot, who's just the most perfect form of a lady ever, and a hyperactive burst of curiosity, her little sister Kitty. Lara Jean was just a very cheeky girl who was more than what she believes herself to be.

I found this book particularly adorable. I'm not saying it was amazing, but I feel like normally, it's hard for me to fall for cheesy romantic and "cutesy" books like this one, but I ended up liking it a lot. One of the characters named Peter Kavinsky ended up stealing my heart, and of course there's Josh, another boy in the story, who's your typical handsome, friendly, protective neighbour whom you treat as a big brother. I mean, we all have that, right?

Okay I hope you realize how sarcastic I'm being about this book right now. Yes, I did enjoy it, but the thing is, I don't see it as a very real thing. If that makes sense. It's not just the very whimsical, fun, adorable storyline, but it's also the type of lifestyle that the main character actually leads.

In this book, she literally knits and scrapbooks and bakes and so I guess it became a bit too... feminine slash preppy for me. This book is simply quite different than the ones I'd normally choose to read. I love preppy, but I feel like this book doesn't align with reality at all, leaving me with high standards on boys and even higher standards on, well, productivity.

However, overall, despite the little typos along the way, I actually really enjoyed this book. It was cute and fun and I liked going with the story. It wasn't hard to read at all, and I totally enjoyed getting into it. I give it a 3.9/5 and I'm very excited for the second book: "P.S I Love You". (Of course, not cheesy at all). 

Anyway, I do hope you guys enjoyed reading through this book review. This is possibly one of the weirdest reviews I've actually ever made, but I think that's just the slow internet kicking in. I hope you guys have a lovely day!

Have you read any nice books recently? Have you read this one? What did you think? Leave a comment below, and don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin!

From the girl who loves diving into a world that's not her own,

Eight Links to Love

Monday, May 4, 2015

For today, I decided to construct a brief post with a list of some of my favourite links. I'm really such a sucker for exploring about many different things on the web, which is kind of why it's so hard for me to get off the Internet sometimes!

But anyway, here are eight of the links I've been loving:
  1. Fashion designers share their Fashion Week inspiration for Spring 2015 - Being someone with a big dream to become a fashion designer someday, this link definitely fascinated me a lot. Seeing these sketches and fragments of big designers' inspirations is actually really refreshing and amazing to me because inspiration is such a big deal in designing, and to see where it's coming from for these huge designers in this year's fashion week? Definitely cool.
  2. Simple Tips for Success by Adam J. Kurtz, written in the most adorable way - Normally, I'm not the type of person to buy those self-development books on "How To Be Successful" or things related to careers and businesses (simply because I like to live in the moment), but when I came across this link, I found it absolutely adorable, and quite motivating too!
  3. 18 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Eyeliner - As a total beginner when it comes to makeup, I found this Buzzfeed article extremely helpful. We all know how eyeliner works, but these tips surely helped me save a few minutes in applying them, without making them look any less marvellous!
  4. Humans of New York - This one is actually a blog run by a New Yorker named Brandon Stanton. It's actually really popular and I'm sure you've heard of it before. I followed him a long time ago but recently, I've been starting to come back to his blog, being constantly reminded of how much I adore what he's doing. If you're not familiar, he basically takes pictures of hundreds of people in the streets of New York, and writes down their stories.
  5. 50 Video Ideas - I've been thinking that I should probably do my first ever blog once I reach about 150, maybe 200 followers on Bloglovin, so I think that's pretty exciting, although I'm still a long way to go. But anyway, this list was actually perfect and I'm definitely bookmarking it if I ever feel the need to become inspired to do a new video.
  6. Harper's Bazaar tells you how to time your meals correctly for a healthy diet - My diet is currently doing really well over the last few weeks and this article told me all about how timing your meals is actually important too to keep a balanced diet. It's really informative and actually crucial if you're trying to maintain a good diet.
  7. Seven Things You Should Insist On No Matter What People Say - I found this very empowering and inspiring for me. This article just came in a very good moment for me. Links like these are so important, you guys.
  8. The Best Hair Trends for Spring 2015 - Recently, I like to play with my hair and accessorise or style it in various different ways, and I think this is where it started. Since the runway is my go-to source for some fashion and beauty inspiration, finding these trends was exactly what I needed.
That's basically all for today, I hope you enjoyed this little list I made and these links. Leave a comment below and tell me which one caught your attention! I'd love to hear from you! And thanks again for always looking at what I post and what I write, and for every comment or follow on Thoughts in Tiffany Blue. I just felt like I needed to say this again, because I don't say it enough.

For the girl who's got a lot to learn,

April Favorites

Friday, May 1, 2015

Hello, everyone!

So I don't know what's happening with my internet or Bloglovin or practically every blogging site ever but I haven't been able to open any blog posts recently (can't even open my own blog) so I am very very very very sad about this. I've been intending to catch up on my blogging for so long, but hopefully this will be fixed as soon as possible. So for now, I can't open anything on Bloglovin, I couldn't gain followers, and my page views have been so low. Trust me, I'm completely furious.

However, fortunately, it's not blocking me from publishing new posts on my blog (Blogger's working fine), even though right now, they'll have to come at a much slower pace (unlike my usual routine which is a new post for every 3-4 days). I'm happy to finally be able to share with you my April favourites, so here are all my favourites as of this month!

  • The Best Thing (That Never Happened) by We Are The In Crowd - I found myself being stuck with this song for weeks literally, and it ended up becoming, just, my jam. I keep the whole Weird Kids album by We Are The In Crowd in my iPod, and this band rocks. Honestly, if you haven't heard of them, you should check them out.
  • I Lived by One Republic - This song literally feels so victorious and rich with adrenaline, I have been loving it. I'm thinking of putting this into my high school graduation documentary video, which will be exciting. They used it in Glee's final number, and I already had this song before, but now I just love it even more.
  • Brooklyn Duo - The Brooklyn Duo is a fantastic pair of amazingly talented musicians on YouTube. The guy plays the cello, while the girl plays the piano, and they do stunning covers of a bunch of popular songs. They're actually pretty new and still quite infamous, but it's about time for them to get the recognition they well deserve.
  • Papaoutai by Stromae - Okay, I know this song is in French, but just hear me out: Stromae is a genius. His songs are revolutionary. There are simply no other words to describe it better! I'm so obsessed with this song, because of its awesome beat. It was released a long time ago but I've just heard of it now, and people are kind of brushing it off but they're just missing out.
  • WALK THE MOON - A friend of mine recently told me about this band she's heard of, and recommended me two of their songs which were "Tightrope" and "Jenny". Long story short, I was blown away. I ended up listening to these songs nonstop (until today) and I literally can't get enough of them, that I ecided to load all the songs of their album into my iPod. I'm just that kind of person.

  • Heavenly Blush's Greek Yogurt - So lately, local supermarkets have finally been selling Greek yogurt, and we've all been so happy about it. They've been selling out rapidly that I feel like I always need to pick the good days to pick them up from the market! My favourite is the one with the big apple chunks mixed into the yogurt. Yuuummm.
  • Frolic Kitchen's Kokoa Peanut Butter - This is such an amazing creation, you guys. I simply adore this peanut butter so so much, and I did put a little description of it on this post. Mine is actually nearly empty and that's because I love eating it with bread for breakfast. I'm totally gonna rebuy it this month!
  • "I'm excited about my life and your side-eye glances won't change that." -Taylor Swift
  • "Always be a work in progress." -Emily Lillian
  • "I'd rather own little and see the world than own the world and see so little of it." -Unknown
  • "For what is worth: it is never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you are proud of, and if you find you are not, I hope you have the strength to start over again." -F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • To All The Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han - This is a book that I bought only a few weeks ago, and because I had school and assignments, it took me quite long to finish. But I still managed to finish it in a week which wasn't bad (being the slow reader I am), and guys, you should read this book. It wasn't as cliche as I thought and I ended up really enjoying it and just falling in love with it. I'll be posting a review soon!
  • The TV show "Friends" - To fill in my free time, I've been getting the opportunity to do a bunch of Friends marathons, and right now, I'm on season 2 where Rachel and Ross are on the early stages of their relationship and needless to say, I'm adoring it. This is such a phenomenal show, and Ross is a dream.
  • My Baymax iTouch hard case - A friend of mine found an entire collection of Baymax-themed phone cases, and they were all so cute that we decided to haul so many cases from the collection to spread out evenly in our group of friends. I went with this one which shows a tiny Baymax sitting in front of the computer. Being a blogger, I felt that it was the most convenient.
  • Finding happiness inside myself - Although I've learned this the hard way, I realized recently how happiness really just comes from within. These days, I've been trying to settle into life with a different approach to happiness. I've been striving on becoming a person that can complete herself, and can be content with who she is, and what she has. I've been working on some attitude issues, as well as physical ones, and so far, I'm doing just okay.
  • Practicing cello - The really cool thing that happened this month to me was the fact that my cello finally arrived after being shipped in by the manufacturer! It's been tough as a beginner on this thing because I feel intimidated by how everyone else knows what they're doing and I'm just kind of there. But nevertheless, it's challenging yet it's thrilling and I like that it's really pushing me to my limits and opening my eyes to a lot of things as well. Trying something new is always a risk but I know I can manage to achieve great things in this.
  • Wattpad - Okay, so Wattpad was on my previous monthly favourites post, but wow, I'm still so stuck with it you guys. For about a few weeks I became a little out of touch with it, but now I've been finding so many different stories and they're all quite amazing! It's mind-blowing how many amazing writers there actually are to discover on this site. Some stories are quite mainstream and overrated, but honestly, I even surprise myself at how fast I manage to read everything on my library. I'm obsessed! If you have an account, make sure to follow me here!
So that's practically it for this favourites post, I sure hope you guys enjoyed it. What have been your favourite picks in the month of April? Did anything exciting happen to you? I would love if you guys can leave a comment below, and tell me all about it! I love hearing from you. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned!

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