Monday, July 20, 2015

Marchesa Resort 2016. Technically speaking, this isn't a very new Marchesa collection, but the absolute beauty of it seems too impossible to miss out. This has to be one of the most stunning, underrated collections I've ever seen. Surprisingly, people have been so caught up in the newest Versace show that they kind of missed out on this one. But after my research at, I think this one deserves just as much applause.

As a fashion enthusiast, I've always been quite a huge fan of Marchesa. Their play with details and colour is something that never ceases to amaze me and motivate me to push even harder to pursue my dreams of getting into the fashion industry. There's a certain way of how Marchesa portrays elegance and art in their pieces that I find absolutely breathtaking. They always carry the inspiration and incorporate it into their collections in a spot on manner.

According to, the designers of Marchesa, Chapman and Craig, found inspiration from the art of Islamic tiles to the colours of Morocco. The variety found in this collection shows a little bit of everything. You have this terrific floor-length dress showing great rose-inspired detail on the upper torso, falling just perfectly beneath the collarbone, continued with this made-of-silk bottom part of the dress running down beautifully and effortlessly. 

It's intriguing to see a collection with such a fresh yet bold palette, ranging from soft solid pastels to rich and shimmering textures. I also especially love the white cocktail dress, wrapped around with lace and a couple of delicate rose-inspired embroidery decorating the sides of it.

This final piece has also left me blown away. While the other pieces sit ever so elegantly on the body and swim around in pastels and lace, showcasing technique and creativity, this one shows it off. I couldn't even find the words to express this truly magnificent gown, not to mention the colour it comes in.

And that's all for this quick little inspiration post! There is not much left to say about this collection, other than how much I absolutely adore it. Marchesa has done it again and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. I think their work perfectly symbolises what fashion should be like, and this collection is simply proof of it.

What did you think of this collection? Are you a fan of Marchesa as well? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

BOOKS: "The Book of Tomorrow" by Cecelia Ahern

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A few days ago, I have finally finished the book I was determined to finish this summer which was "The Book of Tomorrow" written by Cecelia Ahern. For some reason yes, I feel this way about nearly every book I read, but I really adored how this book turned out!

The book's length goes for around 320 pages. I've owned it for quite some time now and many years ago, I actually have started reading it, only I did it in, let's say, a bad timing so I ended up abandoning the book when I was only halfway through. At the start of this summer, I finally picked it up and decided that I should read it again because I really do want to know how this book goes, so I read it from the beginning until the end and I am certainly not disappointed.

Compared to other books that I have read, this one has quite a long storyline. The big picture is there lived a rich, spoiled girl named Tamara Goodwin, whose father had committed suicide. She and her mother later find out that they had been swimming in very large amounts of debt, and so the bank had to take away their home, and they were forced to move away from Dublin to a small area called Kilsaney to live with Tamara's aunt Rosaleen and uncle Arthur.

In this new suburban, isolated life, her mother began to completely shut down and fall into something like depression, and Tamara had no choice but to struggle herself. She started exploring the area, discovering new things about the history of not only the town, but also of her own family. What makes it more interesting is how Tamara found a book in a traveling library, and later realised that it was a diary that would tell her everything that was about to come the day after. I should stop. You should read the book.

Frankly, I didn't think "The Book of Tomorrow" was a very nice nor fascinating book title, and I don't think it represented the actual story very well. In my opinion, the actual diary that Tamara found wasn't actually the main thing about the storyline. (Mild spoiler alert) I also don't appreciate how there was no definite explanation about the diary Tamara found. I get if you want to make it magical, but there's simply no background said about the diary. 

However, it's still an amazing book. The events that occurred were very realistic and thrilling, not to mention how the characters were portrayed in such a complex manner. At some parts, it became pretty dull, but the little details keep it from being completely boring. This book has it all: A little bit of magic, a fair amount of sin, and a quite rebellious teenager.

I think Cecelia Ahern, as a very well-known author, really succeeded in making the readers immerse into the storyline and the background, and making this small town seem so alive. I found the book amusing, exciting, and reading it just felt like a metaphorical roller coaster. The fact that this was the Cecelia Ahern book that didn't get a movie (and they chose Love, Rosie instead) is actually pretty disappointing, and proves just how underrated this great read actually is. And yes, I'm obviously planning on purchasing more books by Cecelia Ahern some time soon.

Have you read this book before? What did you think of it? What book are you reading this summer? Leave a comment below and tell me all about it!

From the girl who always loves a good story,

LIFE: Advantages and Disadvantages to Blogging

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Source: Pinterest
Blogging comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I only started out on a whim. It wasn't a calling or a big life project or a quest to seek something bigger than life. It was simply I wanted to start doing because of how I always have so much to say and no one to say it to.

As you might have noticed, I had decided to take a long break from blogging (I practically went a whole month without it) and frankly, these were very refreshing weeks. It was nice to live life as it is, without letting the pressure of blogging about everything shadow over it. I've done so many things this summer break and today, I'm ready to come back.

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how this activity has added to and diminished a lot of things inside my life as it is. I've been blogging for about 6 months now and I can tell you that sometimes, it's not easy, yet it has felt so wonderful at the same time. To just clear things out, I wanted to make a post that has the list of pros and cons when it comes to blogging.


  • The blogging community and great networking! - Blogging has given me the opportunity to look into the lives of other bloggers I follow located all around the world. The working lady from Australia, the creative stay-at-home in New York, or the college graduate from Ireland, it's always interesting to be updated about how other bloggers are doing in their own lives. I adore how, in this community, we share our ideas and thoughts and build each other up, showing interest in one another and what the other has been up to lately. It's a very lovely bond to be in.
  • It's a space suitable for both professional and personal matters. - Professionally, blogging is a space where we're exposed to things like collaborations, guest posts, sponsors, etc. The whole process where brands visit and take notice of your blog, then contact you and decide to sponsor you, has to be one of the newest things to experience out of blogging. It serves as a wonderful bonus to blogging. But at the same time, since your blog belongs to you only, you're also free to talk about the things from your heart that matters to you, or the things in your life that has been going through your mind. 
  • It helps increase productivity. - Creating content for your blog doesn't always come from the items you purchase, because simply buying things is not enough for you to post on your blog. Hauls are great, but can be dull. What blogging does is it pushes you to go out and do some serious thinking or doing. You think of a new recipe to post, you feel a stronger urge to finish that book so you can talk about it, or you start a brand new DIY project for you to write about. You take your own pictures, and start doing more things in your life that can basically keep your blog interesting. It comes naturally and is a great way not to waste your time on just being lazy.
  • It serves as a great source for inspiration. - When you think about it, blogging is literally the expanded version of Pinterest. It's always good to have a niche, but I'm sure that none of us like to follow the exact same type of blogs as we go. From all the different blogs we do follow, we pick up on how to make new, different things. From beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle, any category of blogs can provide us with fresh ideas that we can apply into our own lives and from there, it keeps things from being boring.
  • You're free to post about anything you desire. - And lastly, the most obvious thing of all is how we are not limited to only post about certain things. Your blog is yours to handle, to keep, and to take care of. You can create anything you want, talk about anything you want, and share about anything you want. You're not obligated to follow any rules. It's a space where you can be free to share about any type of experience, or discovery.

  • You still have to cope with the bad days. - Blogging is wonderful, but at times, it really doesn't help how you still do need to endure days where you're not feeling like yourself. There are days where you won't feel like doing a new DIY or going outside to take pictures, there are days where you'll just be tired and worn out, not ready to do anything. I'm sure many bloggers relate to how blogging does create the illusion of a constantly perfect, smooth-sailing life, but the fact is, there are some things that blogging can't fix.
  • It does require a lot of purchasing things. - I would personally categorise this as an unpopular opinion, but when you're running a blog, let's be honest, you do have to keep buying things. I'm not saying purchasing things that make us happy is bad, but blogging does encourage us to keep coming back to that book store for new books we can review, or to try out those new arrivals we saw at Sephora. You get the idea.
  • It's a whole other thing you need to arrange a schedule for. - Just like school or college or something like going to the gym, blogging is something that takes a whole lot of effort and time-managing. It's not a good idea to simply go out on a whim for each of your posts. In blogging, you do need to take a portion of your time everyday to work on the content of your blog, which isn't always easy. You need to prepare topics, and then schedule when you'll publish each post you've come up with. A blog always needs to be constant and reliable.
  • It's easy to be discouraged. - Of course, when it comes to blogging, gaining followers is crucial. Having a steady, growing audience is mostly what bloggers need to be motivated to maintain their blog so that it may reach new levels and evolve to bigger blogs. But the truth is, gathering an audience like so is anything but easy. Blogging takes time to master, even the famous bloggers took 5 years at least to reach where they are right now.
And that's all I have to say on this subject. I do hope that this has turned out to be informative and helpful to those who are thinking of starting a blog, or just relatable to those out there who already have a blog, like me! But overall, I am proud of what I've achieved so far and how I've completely turned myself into a blogger with a growing and developing blog despite how I still have to struggle through high school.

Have you thought of other disadvantages or advantages when it comes to blogging? Leave a comment below and tell me what they are! I'd be glad to hear what you have to say.

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