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Saturday, March 26, 2016

In a time where my schedule wasn’t so packed as it is now, I had the time to indulge in a bunch of TV shows and movies that many people recommended to me. Over the last several weeks, I’ve watched 4 different movies that I never watched before and these four really got to me. So for a blog post, I decided to compile them into a list and write my reviews for each one. Or at least I can try. Here we go.


When you’re trying to find movies that are both enthralling and thought-provoking, this is one of those movies. Featuring outstanding stars like Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams, this movie definitely deserves its wide recognition (including its 8.2/10 ranking in IMDb and its big win at the Oscars for Best Picture!)

The storyline of this movie itself is actually based on a group of investigative reporter/journalists working for the Boston Globe, looking deep into the story of how a significant number of priests actually took advantage of and molested an even higher number of children over the past few decades. Based on a true story, this movie showcases how these reporters worked so hard to shed light into the situation and expose it to the public, digging their way through years of archives, all to bring justice members of the Catholic church who have abused children during their time of being a part of the archdiocese.

It's not the type of movie that I'd normally watch or love, and I guess a percentage of people could find it boring with its lack of action or romance or whatever it is that millennials are drawn to these days, but I happened to enjoy this movie a lot. To be honest, it did require a lot of focus and concentration to actually watch this and keep up with the movie itself, but I was actually so fixated by the compelling story that this movie carried out. I highly admire the directors and producers of this film for being so courageous in making a movie concerning the situation, and also the outstanding stars who carried out their roles flawlessly in this production.


The first time I'd noticed this movie was when I was on a 2-hour flight heading overseas, and this was one of the movies available. But apparently, because I was probably too tired (or just plain lazy), I watched the first 2 minutes and then closed it before I could even begin to process what it was about. Fast forward to several months later, I stumbled upon this movie again so I watched it, from start to finish, and sure enough, it was quite amazing.

Truthfully, I wouldn't call this movie exactly "memorable". There were parts of it that I found kind of dull, and I also wasn't a big fan of Kristen Stewart's acting here (or anywhere, actually), but other than that, it's really just the type of movie that gets to you one way or another. Not only does it consist of Julianne Moore's astounding performance and great picture production, but it also opened up my eyes to how something like Alzheimer's disease can truly take its toll on a person's life and family.

I found it fascinating that they didn't just choose an ordinary type of character to suffer from the early onset Alzheimer's disease, but they chose Alice, who is this refined, well-educated, intelligent lady who has her life almost completely together. It was heart-wrenching to see how the situation slowly makes its way into the storyline and how you literally feel Alice's world being torn apart piece by piece, her life completely deteriorating right in front of her. Emotional, but an excellent movie nonetheless.


Now for an animated movie! Yay! I watched this movie with my mom the other day and I hope you're ready to hear my inner 4-year-old self being totally hyped about this movie and ranting on about this. 

So to be honest, I don't know about you, but the moment a new animated movie comes out, my friends are always going to prefer watching the newest action/thriller movie instead, and I usually play along. But every time I pass the theatres, a tiny voice in my heart just goes "Can we please just see that new animated movie look at those characters they're so cute oh my God Zootopia sounds so adorable AND IT'S A DISNEY MOVIE? Even better." Something like that. 

For a cute movie, I really liked that they added a plot twist factor into it. I also like how they poked at a significant situation like discrimination (in this case, between predator and prey animals) in what seems to be a lightweight children's movie. I absolutely loved this movie and found every aspect of it so entertaining and innovative. The thing I have to love most about it is the complexity of each of the characters they made. Officer Hopps, a highly-motivated and sassy bunny lady cop. Let me say that again. A bunny lady cop. Guys. How can I not love this main character? And don't even get me started on her love-hate relationship with the fox the entire time. OTP OTP OTP. A perfect combination of adventure, humour, moral values, and endless cuteness, it was a wonderful, wonderful movie that I'd totally fangirl about from time to time.


If you're looking for some type of friendly comedy mood-booster movie, I'd totally recommend adding this to your list. Filmed in gorgeous (gorgeous) settings in New York, this movie was basically one of the best I've ever watched. 

It features a story about a senior citizen, retired and living alone, played by Robert DeNiro (who surprisingly didn't play a role of an old man who just yells at things and is angry all the time and curses at everything this time). Looking for a little more excitement in his life, Ben Whittaker finally signs up for a senior internship program, and therefore finds himself working as an intern in this big successful fashion company, run by a young, creative, ambitious and driven CEO, Jules Austen (who also has a stunning wardrobe, by the way.) The whole process basically eventually starts to open both of them to new things, about life and about each other, resulting in a genuine friendship formed between the two.

I may only be a sucker for movies based in New York, but trust me guys, this is something anyone from anywhere would definitely enjoy. This movie could break your heart, make you laugh, or simply leave you in awe. But all things aside, it's something definitely worth watching.

And that's all I have to say for these four movies! I hope you guys enjoyed reading these reviews I wrote (or parts of it at least), and I hope you stay tuned for more posts coming to you soon.

Have you watched any of the films listed above? What did you think? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time,

MUSIC: Recent Favorites

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's March already?? Gosh, 2016, you need to slow down like you're literally being so rude, just chill.

I haven't been putting up any of the blog posts I've saved in my drafts or prepared so far and that is because, well, I've simply been feeling a tad bit uninspired. It's actually difficult to push yourself to write something when you just don't feel like saying a lot of things at the moment, so you just end up rambling. Like what I'm doing right now.

But anyway, today I decided to compile a list of eight songs that I've been in love with recently. Most of them aren't exactly new songs on the radio but I've stumbled upon these tunes one way or another over the past few weeks and long story short, I'm obsessed. (A small shoutout to Rebecca Black for her video that influenced the addition of 2 songs in this list.) So here they are.

This first thing on the list isn't technically a song mentioned but I stumbled upon Alessia a short while ago and I am literally in love with her talented being God bless her soul. She's got an amazing personality, her records are pure brilliance, and she has such an excellent and breathtaking voice. She's also gorgeous, FYI. The first time I heard one of her songs, I knew immediately that it aligned perfectly with my music taste.
My favourites from her so far are I'm Yours (because the lyrics are so on point), Seventeen (an adorable one), Stone (a very slow song but it's so beautiful I can't even), Here (obviously), and Scars to Your Beautiful (a masterpiece, to say the least).

Everyone's been talking about this single that Little Mix did with Jason Derulo and I'll be honest, I didn't really like this song the first time I heard it. Now I just can't get over LM's amazing vocals and how brilliant this song actually is. I also found the lyrics to hold this depth I've never really felt before in other songs. The music video to this deserves way more views on YouTube than what they have now. More recognition for Little Mix this year, please?

I need to seriously calm myself down when it comes to this song because of how obsessed I am and how extremely happy I am that I actually found it in the first place. I just.... can't.
The name Halsey has been making its way through a lot of platforms so I have listened to her other songs a couple of times (Gasoline, for example), but I didn't feel like it's something I'd normally like. AND THEN THIS SONG HAPPENED and it just completely blew me away. The music video is flawless and outstanding, the song is so great. I just love it. A lot. Go listen to it if you haven't.

This one is one of those old-but-gold songs that you know was released a few years ago but would still sing to if you ever heard it somewhere today. I don't really know what attracted me to this song so much but I actually found myself listening to it on a daily basis because it's just really good. It just makes me want to play it and snuggle in my bed on a rainy morning and write in a pretty journal or whatever I don't know it just has that vibe. And that chorus though, who could resist?

So, about Lorde. I'll be honest. Sometimes she amazes me, but other times she just scares me to death. Haha but all things aside, this song has a really cool tune and even though every song that Lorde sings kind of sounds the same I still enjoy this one a lot. I've never heard a lot about Disclosure but all I know is that they make the strangest music videos ever. Huh. 
But anyway, I totally recommend you to try this song, and if you have some extra time, you should also check out the SG Lewis remix version because that one's just pure genius (It's the one I linked). (Thanks, Rebecca!)

Okay, I guess I'm a little late to the party when it comes to loving this song. I've seen the title everywhere (of course, with Troye Sivan's growing presence and popularity all over the Internet) but honestly I just didn't want to listen to it at first because I didn't like the idea of a song being so popular because it came from a YouTuber. But then I just pushed it aside and still wanted to kiiiind of know what the song sounded like so I clicked it and bam. Instant obsession. 

There are so many things to love about Tori Kelly. Honestly, it's hard for me to actually admire or be head over heels in love with musicians or singers these days, but okay, Tori is amazing. I find her to be absolutely wonderful, her voice is Heaven-sent, the music she makes is beautiful, and she's just so talented. Gorgeous, too, by the way.
The lyrics to this song spoke to me a lot and I found it really empowering and uplifting. This is the music we need today, guys. I really like the beat of this song and how it doesn't sound like she's overdoing it.

I can't really explain why I like this song. I guess I've been exploring through both ends of the very wide "new music" spectrum, and this song just has a different overall vibe to it. Normally, I wouldn't listen to these types of songs but I actually find it really intriguing. I don't know a lot about AURORA but I think she's a really potential new artist in the industry, and this song highlights that statement perfectly. I don't know if other people would like it, but I strangely do.

So I guess that's all from me today! I'll try to be a lot more productive and to write a lot more content for the blog in the future. I hope you guys liked this little list I put together.

What are some songs you've been into lately? Leave a comment below and I'd love to see your recommendations!

Until next time,

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