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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy November 1st!

I have to say that there was a time when my playlist had been looking a little dry. But over the course of October, I did find some amazing tracks, and some of them are so great, I find myself repeating each one. Most of these songs listed are actually quite popular, so give them a listen if you haven't already!

  1. Never Be Like You - Flume ft. Kai - Strangely I heard this song a few times before rediscovering it, but this one time my friends started singing to it and instantly I thought, why haven't I loved this song yet? It's on repeat nearly every morning. Such a good beat.
  2. Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur - I couldn't remember how I came across this one, but first I thought it sounded mainstream. After a few times, I was stuck. The lyrics are so nice *swoon* and it has a beautiful tune, to be honest.
  3. 24K Magic - Bruno Mars - Leave it to Bruno Mars for making a track that miiiight be a little R-rated, but leaves you hooked. Not the best to hear from him, but it has that awesome jazz, old-school vibe I've always loved him for.
  4. Heaven - OneRepublic - If you haven't listened to their new album (Oh My My), you definitely should. I heard of the album release quite a while ago but never got around to checking it out. But my boyfriend recommended some to me and this track is definitely my favourite. The rest aren't bad as well!
  5. Subway Car - Marc E. Bassy - It's going to take a lot to try and find this artist online, but honestly, some of his songs are just rad. His style of music is very authentic and different from other small artists I've come across, and this song in particular is addicting.
  6. All We Know - The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan - Out of all the songs on this list, I'll be honest, this one has the least lasting effect for me. But if you're still a big fan of the Chainsmokers (like I sort of am), you won't regret checking this out.
  7. Inside Out - The Chainsmokers - This song, however, had a very lasting effect. I'm so in love with every second of this track, from the verse all the way to the chorus. The tune is so so good, and I find myself singing this over and over again.
  8. Walls - Kings of Leon - I found Kings of Leon after spotting them at one of Taylor Swift's Instagram photos, and now I just wish I'd discovered them sooner! Their new album (Walls) sounds pretty convincing, and this one song is very very nice.
  9. Capsize - Frenship & Emily Warren - As far as popular songs go, this one became quite well-known, but not so popular to the point where it becomes mainstream and overplayed. So that I love. I think it's a killer track, and it's exceptionally good.
  10. Elevation Worship - My ultimate, favourite music discovery from October has to be Elevation Worship. For fellow Christians out there, I'd totally recommend their newest album, Here as in Heaven. The songs are astounding and there's something about their sound that is really breathtaking. I'm so stuck on songs like Resurrecting, Here as in Heaven, and O Come to the Altar. The lyrics are absolutely powerful and amazing as well.

Have you listened to these tracks before? Do you see any favourites?
Leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you. :)

Have a good month.


  1. I can't stop listening to Chainsmokers - All We Know, it's such a good song isn't it! x

    Always, Alice

  2. I love James Arthur and the song Never Be Like You - and I've added all of these to my Spotify playlist since I'm in great need of some new tunes so thanks for the recommendations. Absolutely love Bruno Mars and One Republic so I can't wait to listen to these on my commute tomorrow!

    JosieVictoriaa // Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. I have literally only listened to one of these - thats my afternoon sorted!

    Jenny |


  4. thanks for sharing this! I love finding new music

  5. Great list... I love listening to most of the songs in your list, especially 1, 3 & 7 <3 <3

  6. I had heard most of these songs, except Heaven. I had to look it up because I love OneRepublic. I am obsessed. Thank you for sharing! Have a great day.

  7. Chainsmokers! for now. Great collection <3 Keep sharing more.
    Love, sia |

  8. LOOOVE Kings of Leon! Good selection!

  9. I listened to all of these while catching up with my Bloglovin' feed, and I'm loving your picks! Thanks for the share :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  10. So many good choices! I am OBSESSED with Bruno Mars' latest song! so damn catchy! :D


  11. Thanks for sharing, there were a few really good songs I didn't know yet :) xoxo


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