A Letter for a Soulmate

Friday, March 31, 2017


I don't know if I've already met you, or if I have yet to meet you someday, at a time and place unknown to both of us. I don't know where you are now, but I'm guessing at one point, our paths will cross, perhaps a bit inconveniently.
But now, while we're still on a journey of becoming ourselves, and embarking on the path life has set for us prior to our meeting, here's what I have to say to you.

I'll sound arrogant for saying this, but I'll be nicer than you think. I'm not always a nice person, but I'm saying I'm nicer than how I look, and sometimes faces can be... misleading. Don't worry, my mother raised me well enough.
I'm also notoriously sarcastic. Watch me as I tell you how "funny" your bad jokes are, or how "great" your hair looks once you get out of bed.
I can't help with being frank about my thoughts. And when it comes to thoughts, I always have plenty. So don't be angered when I tell you I don't actually like your new shoes, or that new movie you loved but I hated. However, remember that my remarks don't necessarily mean my affections for you become anything less.

Speaking of affection, you should know that I have this strong lack of faith in love.
I'm one of those girls you approach with great caution. 
I don't trust people easily. Sometimes ever, at all. 
Because when it comes to people, every time a bond of trust leads to disappointment, I slowly inch away from what once deceived me. My heart goes back to being hollow. Numb, even neglected. I could turn somewhat colder than I used to be. (And that's really saying something).
I guess you'd know by this point in the letter that I'm not exactly what they call "emotional".
I do not swim in feelings, or drown in heartbreak. I'm not heartless, even if I may seem like it at times. My brain simply holds my heart at a strong leash. There's a difference.
So yes, I'm a human of logic. I like to convince myself that all the great minds of the world are like so as well. Except I still think a good heart is exceedingly more important.

On a lighter note, I like to create and write and take pictures at any given opportunity. Don't be surprised at my tendency to over-share in words what I could never utter in real life. That's just how I am. 
I'm well-traveled, but I also find that nothing else on Earth can give me peace like solitude and the comfort of simply being home. 
I spend far too much time in art museums. If you wish to wait, don't expect me to take a "minute". I'll take such a long time that your legs will go numb. That's because while others simply walk past the sculptures and framed paintings, you'll see me stand quite still. You'll see me staring at whatever peculiar thing is there in front of me. It's okay to leave me be, because most times, I don't mind being left alone.
Anyone who lives with me can expect to hear random bursts of renditions of the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, or anything alike. See, I immerse myself in Disney songs and good music that brings my heart joy. I silently hope we share the same taste.
If you're ever confused on what to get me, a book will do. A very very good book, because I believe any book that's lesser than good, sir, is just a waste of my time. Buy me one for every Christmas, buy me one for every birthday. I wouldn't mind. Some need shoes or bags and those sound great too, but soon enough you'll realize that all I need can be found within the pages. The pages of a very very good book.
So perhaps, I'm not a person you have to know. But I'm a person you'll have to learn.

I don't necessarily enjoy talking about marriage or kids, so there's no reason for me to do so in this letter. I simply do not see my life heading specifically in that direction, unless the future speaks otherwise. You may not agree with my way of thinking, but it's fair to say that I think that will only be one of the many disagreements we'll have later on. And that's okay because we'll pull through anyway. We'll tackle whatever the universe decides to throw at us, and we'll sail the ship through the hailing winds together.
A lot more can be said about me, sir, but I'd rather not say. Not now, at least, or ever.
Because I do think that at one point, our paths will cross, perhaps a bit inconveniently.
And whatever I failed to mention in this letter, well, you'll be welcome to find out for yourself, 
after that someday comes.
And when that someday comes,
I hope you wear a little blue.
No reason, none at all.
It just might make me like you a bit already.

All yours,


Q: What are some things you'd want your soulmate to know?
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please don't ask me about my random bursts of sentimentality. They just happen!
A book review is coming up soon, so I hope you stay tuned.

Have a good weekend!

MOVIES | Beauty and the Beast

Saturday, March 18, 2017

For a much-talked-about, increasingly controversial, yet highly anticipated Disney movie, I'd feel like I'm cheating on it if I didn't write a review. So here it is, the famous Beauty and the Beast, an enchanting tale remade into a beautiful modern-Disney-movie production. Here's what I have to say.

I completely,



lost my chill.

To start, I should mention that the original movie (animated version) of this story was what made my childhood. Belle had always been my favourite Disney princess. This gorgeous country girl who walks around reading her book, shows no interest for the village's Most Handsome Hero, has brown hair, and wears a lot of blue. Obviously, I adore her. And yes, I think Emma was brilliant.

However, when I saw the trailers, the news and all the hype prior to the release of this movie, I wasn't that excited. Even though this was my favourite, I was still doubtful about this remake. Perhaps I just knew that I would be expecting quite a lot from it, and usually when that happens, the standards aren't necessarily met. I love Emma, and the story, but the trailer just didn't sell to me. What if it's dull? We had that whole Cinderella phase last year. It's starting to get old, isn't it? But upon watching this movie, oh boy, honestly speaking, the expectations aren't only met, but also exceeded. (Trust me, I'm totally dying from how much love I have for this film. I'm just trying hard to sound more composed and put-together for this blog post. Inside, I'm still screeching.) So here's my review.
  1. Before I gush over how obsessed I am with it now, I'll point out the few things I didn't quite approve of. And no, I'm not referring to LeFou's taste in men. It didn't concern me, in fact, it was kind of hilarious! There were some things in the movie which I found disappointing. They might be minor things but they matteredFirstly, I simply don't understand their choice of giving Beast those massive horns. Yes, he had those in the original movie, but not as large. This has to be the single most disappointing thing about this movie for me. It's a shame because they're the first thing you see when looking at the Beast. And for what reason?? If only they'd made it shorter and less significant, it would've been perfect. But now, it just looks bizarre. Let's not mistake his ideal look for Maleficent's, eh?
  2. Also, Belle's house is placed in a very, very strange setting. I vividly remember her home as being in the countryside, a little outside the village, with this small bridge in front of her garden. I wish they'd made it like that in this remake as well. Instead, her house has appeared much smaller, and apparently it's inside the village, but right in the middle??? Of a fork road??? And she's growing plants and has got a place for the horse and chickens but it's literally just in the middle of a village intersection, it seems??? On stone-cobbled streets??? I don't know, I hope I'm not the only one, but it was odd for me.
  3. A couple other incidents I wasn't fond of was when Maurice was in that prison cell saying goodbye to Belle, and all that time he showed very little signs of struggle. Not even that much begging for his sake! And then he just starts saying his farewell to Belle as if he's fully accepted his defeat, without looking like he's in despair, which I think he kind of should be. The other thing is how they erased Chip's line ("it tickles!") when Belle drank from him. I just expected it to still be there.
  4. Now, let the fangirl in me speak. Never have I ever sat in a modern-day Disney movie and experienced such a roller-coaster of emotions. All of which resulted in me a) feeling like I'm about to cry or b) actually crying. It's difficult to find movies that make me cry, but watching this was such an emotionally overwhelming experience for me. For most of the movie, I had goosebumps and was holding back tears. It was what I loved in my childhood, brought to life, in this visually astounding, unbelievably magical piece of work. I loved it all: The village, Belle, a perfect depiction of the real storyline (without some crazy twist or plot modification). I ended up crying multiple times throughout the movie. I knew all the words to "Be Our Guest", and mentally sung along to "Belle" as it was being played. That and seeing the characters brought to life, and how they match what I remembered of them so perfectly (like how similar Gaston is to the animation, and how he had the exact same voice), it shook me to the core.

  5. Allow me to push all the haters aside and proclaim that Emma Watson is a perfect, perfect Belle and her singing was beautiful and she is beautiful and nothing, nothing hurts. Nothing. Sure, physically, her resemblance to Belle can be questioned, but I am not complaining one bit. She's an amazing actress who's already very much like Belle in her real life and work. She's smart and well-mannered and I'd just hate for the role of Belle to fall to any other actress.
  6. I cannot emphasize enough on how majestic and brilliant the music is. Just extraordinary. Everything! Every single song, arrangement, all of them I'm so utterly in love with. I'm in awe of the vocals (the chorus singing was out of this world) and the instrumental art behind every single piece, they leave me speechless. Disney's done it again. But really, from a musical point of view, hands down, this movie wins.
  7. The camerawork is great too, but obviously I didn't expect any less from Disney. I'll just mention that one shot of Philippe, alone, running through an open field. Extraordinary.
  8. So finally, I'd just like to applaud the producers for creating this beautiful masterpiece. I couldn't have asked for a better remake of my most favourite story. Different from any other Disney movie, this one impacted me in a way I couldn't even begin to describe. Watching this, I was completely entranced. Still, to this minute, blown away by what this movie turned out to be. Which I must have made clear with this lengthy review. Well. Done.
Have you watched the movie? Did you enjoy it? 
I'd love to know what you think about it, so leave a comment! Also, don't hesitate to follow me on any social media (links below). Let's stay in touch! 

I'll write again soon.

PS: Plumette? Gor-geous.

Why I Loved Going Barefaced

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty which is, who cares?"
-Tina Fey

Today was the second day of me going to school with something I hadn't thought I'd leave the house with ever; a face with no makeup on.

Before someone reads that sentence and goes all judgemental on me, I'd just like to give a few disclaimers before going into this post any further. 1) By no means am I trying to place myself in a level higher above anyone who does wear makeup, nor am I trying to "humble-brag" about choosing to go barefaced. This is just me speaking about something I tried doing, and ended up loving. 2) I still very much enjoy makeup, and don't plan on totally turning away from it obviously.

The story starts on Wednesday. I'm in my exam week, during which my school would start at 10 AM instead of 8. This gives me more time to amp up my studying with the few extra hours in the morning. Normally I'd have breakfast, study, shower, then study some more until about 15 minutes before I had to leave. Then, I'd use those 15 minutes to do my face. (Not that I normally go to school with a face full of makeup, but I do draw my brows in and still use concealer and powder most of the time.)

Yesterday I was sitting with my textbook and when my alarm came on, (signalling it was time to get up, do my makeup, and leave), I glanced at myself in the mirror and started to despise the fact that I had to do it.

Technically, I only had to be in school for the two-hour exam then go back home, so I simply thought a significant effort of properly retouching my face to look good that day wasn't worth it. I continued to examine my face and a thought hit me; something I didn't think I'd ever consider.

Maybe I should just leave it this way, and by "it" I meant my face.

Good Lord, did I just think that? Why would I do that? Walking towards the dressing table, then again looking at my face, this time closer, I suddenly realised that it wasn't such a bad idea. Why not do that? So that was it. Long story short, I moisturised, grabbed my backpack, and left the house. Naked face and all.

My exam-week-stress-induced acne was showing, my dark circles were legit, all my blemishes were on full display. I'd opted for contacts instead of glasses, my face looked a little more tired than usual, so basically I wasn't looking my best. And I loved every minute of it.

Surely enough, my friends did seem quite surprised, and some asked me why the sudden change in my look. That was a good question, though. Why the change?
  1. It was, in fact, better for my skin. Many articles tell you that going barefaced can allow your skin to "breathe", and at first I thought they were exaggerating but now it makes a lot of sense. I was giving room for my skin to just glow and be ~*refreshed*~. Such an ~*awakeNing~*. ~Namaste~.
  2. Going #NoMakeup this week was the most freeing decision I've ever made. It was that feeling of not worrying about what was on your face. Yeah, I didn't look great, but I was fine with it. No more making sure to not rub my eyes too hard, no more going to the bathroom to check if my concealer left any lines. I, literally, had nothing to hide.
  3. It felt like a huge leap forward in terms of my self esteem, and confidence in how I look. I'd grown so accustomed to always leaving the house with some makeup on (a little "retouching" done) that I'd completely forgotten how to feel okay without it. I remember looking at myself in the face that morning, and starting to question why I ever felt like it was something I had to alter on a daily basis, just so I can feel better about myself. This was the first time I'd gone to school barefaced since the beginning of when I learned how to do my own makeup, and it resulted in this crazy thought process. As if my friends would alienate me if I looked a bit under-maintenance one day. That didn't happen, but I'm pretty sure they thought I looked ridiculous. I still don't care.

All in all, I'm glad I decided to go barefaced this week. In all seriousness, I managed to tackle the small fear I had of leaving the house looking like how I do with no makeup. Makeup was kind of this shield I'd applied daily in order to feel good about myself, so it felt extremely liberating to feel good without it. As women, in a society that's constantly trying to turn you into dolls, it's cool to kind of break that status quo that you've set for yourself and decide to be authentic instead. Give the concealer a day off, and yourself a little love. I totally encourage you to try this if you haven't already.

Partly, I'd also like to acknowledge the whole #NoMakeup movement in the internet, which I think have started escalating around the time Alicia Keys started doing it. Mind you, I may not have the stunning facial features of one Alicia Keys, but I do feel that this has taught me a lot to embrace whatever flaw I have, and to be genuinely comfortable in my own skin.

Thus ends the lengthy post I have for you today. I'm happy I wrote this and hope it inspired you in a way or two. What do you think about going makeup-free? Have you done it before? Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

As always, do feel free to follow me on Bloglovin or Instagram  or share this post if you gained some valuable insight. Thanks for reading.

From a girl learning to accept her flaws,

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4:58 PM

Sunday, March 12, 2017

"This afternoon, I passed through a hospital on my way across town.

There was a car parked on the side of the road, and from the passenger seat, an old lady came out. Her driver already standing by with her crutches, I'd noticed her back was hunched over. Her whole body was bent severely, and I watched as she struggled to grip her walking aid. She slowly started walking to the front door of the clinic, with the driver still by her side, holding her arm as she tries with great difficulty to take each step forward.

It got me thinking about how devastating it is, that our world, and everyone else's world, seems to be doing "just fine". But look closer into other people's lives and you'll find so many who struggle everyday. Physically, mentally, financially, there are many battles many people are constantly going through. So many lives nowhere near as fortunate as some others are. Suddenly, our problems don't even look like problems. We say we feel sorry for them but we only half-heartedly put effort into appreciating the life we have now. Why is that?

I understand that that's just how it is. That humanity isn't immune to various forms of pain and suffering. But when I grow up, I guess what I'm trying to remind myself is:

I don't want to be selfish.

I don't want to be someone who keeps digging out of life like I'm entitled to it. I don't want to ever find myself sitting in a private jet, or owning a million-dollar house. I don't want a lavish car or piles of jewellery that spell my name in diamonds.

Sure, I'll take my blessings as they're given, and I'll stay grateful for the life I've been privileged enough to have. But I don't want to live a life I don't need. I don't want to keep taking. I don't want to suck every drop of what the world offers. Because I think if you shift your perspective and try to look into what the world needs, and what other people are currently facing, no amount of gold will give you true satisfaction. The "high life" no longer seems appealing.

So maybe we don't need to get caught up in any of it. Maybe we weren't made and put on this Earth to "have a nice life". Rather, maybe we were made to give life to others. And maybe, just maybe, it's up to us to make the world a little better for the ones out there.

What I say next won't make much sense, but I dream of a world with less fast cars, and more helping hands. Less "rich kids", and more compassion. Less vanity, and more humanity. A girl can dream."

Taken from my phone's notes app, written on January 31st 2017, 4:58 PM

Sorry for this small rant, but I wanted to share this because I'd written it a while ago but realised I never shared these thoughts with anybody. I'm just rambling, but I wanted to let you in on it. I can't wait to really start blogging again once I'm done with my exams. So for now, this'll have to do. Have a good week!

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