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Saturday, July 15, 2017

We visited many places on our 7-day trip in Bali, but I gotta say, this place was one of the most vibrant and unique spots we got to experience.

Demographically speaking, Indonesia is a country with very little to no Mexican influence in its people. Unlike Americans who thrive on Taco Bell and embrace their many Mexican joints found at every corner, our country's overtaken by cultures and cuisines from our Asian counterparts instead. So when I saw that there was a restaurant in Bali called "Motel Mexicola", I knew it was totally worth a look. (Apparently not an actual motel, though.)

Walking in, I was impressed with the elaborate mix of patterns, portraits, and Mexican art decorating the colorful walls. You see crosses and flowers and grubby mirrors and framed quotes and paintings of people I assumed were famous (politicians, artists, musical icons in their day.) Unlike most of the hangout spots in Bali, I'd say the owners did not put a lot of thought into their interior designing. Nevertheless, it worked.

After a lousy security bag check, we entered and found ourselves in the face of this huge, cavernous centerpiece. We opted for a table upstairs, as the ground floor was filled with tourists chattering away at the bar.

The food in itself wasn't bad at all. Among a choice of tacos, tortillas, fritangas, and many other foods we mostly never even heard of, my friends ordered a couple glasses of mocktails, while on the table we had a plate of quesadillas and churros. It tasted great, but then again, I don't have many other experiences with Mexican cuisine to compare it to. Although I will admit those were the best churros of my entire life. They also served some Indonesian dishes or flavours, served with a Mexican twist, so I'll give them credit for that. The mocktails were fitting as well, perfect to freshen us up in a hot sunny Bali day.

As decorative and vibrant as the place felt, it looked a bit half-abandoned in the hours we'd visited (a few hours after noon.) I then learned that it was quite too early; Motel Mexicola is a "cool spot" in daylight, but it actually comes to life at nighttime, with their bar parties, more lights, music, and dancing. In retrospect, I would've totally bought an extra night in Bali just to be in that scene.

There were only a couple of things I did not enjoy about the place, though. 1) The very confusing layout where you enter and it's relatively dark, and you come upstairs (or walk a few steps down onto the outdoor area) and then it's so bright it's blinding. It was just confusing for me, but then again, I suppose it was a place meant for nighttime entertainment as opposed to afternoons. 2) The service was not enjoyable. It wasn't hard to sense how much they favored white tourists as opposed to- well, every other customer. They were fine with their jobs, but just not the friendliest staff (they even mocked our group for taking "too much photos"). Even if my friends did spend quite some time taking photos, it's still very low and unprofessional to call your customers out like that. So we did leave feeling slightly irritated by their attitude. But hey, if you're a foreign tourist, they're probably gonna pull a good face.

Is this how you pose? I have no idea.

So! (Why did this post become a little shady hahaha) That's all the impressions and commentaries I can give. More or less, it's a cool experience. For a look at the menu or basically any other info, they actually have an awesome website here. I'd simply recommend you to come in the evening or night time instead, if you ever find yourself in Bali's Seminyak region and are looking for a trendy spot to enjoy yourself in!

I'll write again soon.


Long overdue? Perhaps.
But I'm still determined to share onto this blog every tiny bit of memory I have from Bali. 
Our trip was at the start of June, but there are still many I have yet to write about. So bear with me. 
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  1. I haven't been to this restaurant yet but my insta-feed has always pictures popping out from this location. How annoying that the staff was not really respectful of you all taking pictures. I mean the venue seems to be filled with different backdrop to take a worthy picture. Thanks for the review.


    1. You totally should if you ever find yourself in Bali. :) Aside from the staff, yes the place does offer many vibrant Instagram-worthy backdrops.

  2. These photos are unreal! So aesthetic and authentic!
    It's sad they were so unprofessional as a staff, that's not how service should work. They're literally working in customer service so they really shouldn't have such an attitude that they even let it radiate towards you. *smh*

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

    1. Hannah, I always love seeing your comments!
      It was very disappointing, but hey! It might've just been a circumstantial thing. Still, it's worth a look. Thanks again for stopping by xx

  3. Lovfe the photos! Look like an amazing place!

  4. You had me wishing I were in Bali right now. These photos are beautiful!

    Jessica |

  5. This place looks beautiful! I rolled my eyes when I read that they favoured white tourist since they're in customer service and they should deal with everyone equally with the same respect and attitude. That's sad.

    mia | chaotic tales

    1. Ahh yes, and sadly that happens quite often in many tourist-y places though. :( Still it was beautiful. Thanks for reading!

  6. This place looks awesome! I've sorry that the service wasn't great but hey, so worth it for those stellar photos!!

    xx Pia

  7. I hate it when customer service is bad for some people and for others it's all smiles etc. It's just wrong! But that place still looks so beautiful and I would love to visit there, but since customer service is like that, no thank you. I just can't support anything like that 😭

    Heidi 🍓 | Heidi's Planner | Instagram

    1. Heidi, thanks for stopping by! And yes it is one of my pet peeves as well apparently :/

  8. Wow, this place looks amazing. Your photos are beautiful. Now I want to take a trip somewhere haha.


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