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Thursday, April 2, 2020

How are you today? I've been saying so many "how are you"s lately. I mean it so much more now than I ever have.

This week finds us easing into the way of things. A strange, new equilibrium. I will, however, miss this collectiveness. A sense of "good luck out there". But I also look forward to the day we’ve overcome this.

Until then, here’s a collection of things that's been helping me to cheer up a bit. Because, really, at the end of the day, it matters that we're okay...

This album. Leslie Odom Jr. encompasses everything I look for in music.

Coldplay's NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert, with an astounding nine-piece choir. Songs include Viva La Vida, Broken (an endearing favourite), and Prince's 1999. (Here I realise Chris Martin is, in fact, as ruggedly handsome as people say he is.)

How Bibliophiles Flirt, a new episode on the Modern Love podcast. I don't know why I still rave so much about a podcast I've spent about a year listening to.

Amber Rae's 30-day journaling journey she titles #JournalYourFeelings.

I rewatched Mary Poppins Returns...

and am now listening to Julie Andrews' memoir on Audible.

Got a roll of film developed – my last one with memories from New York. (A glimpse of it attached below.)

The cloud appreciation society. A bit of ease for the mind.

And can I just say: Without scheduled video calls, I would've lost all concept of time.


How am I, you ask?

Craving hugs like never before, but I laugh. There are worse ways to suffer.

Some days I lose sense of purpose, and try to get away with doing the bare minimum, as I feel the overwhelm of graduating amidst a recession, and the grief of losing normalcy. Other days, though – and these days are increasing – I find joy in all this solitude.

Bottom line is that most days, I find reason to wake up, and try my best.

And what a gift, in and of itself, that is, and always has been.


Some frames out of my last roll from New York:

More photos like these, here.

I hope you have a special weekend.
Or a mighty average one.
Either one will do.



From a Distance is a blog series documenting life in the social distance. Paper airplanes flown out my window, hoping to reach yours. For connection. Companionship. A little human-ness in this very strange time. My hope is to make you feel a little less lonely. If you are. Whoever you are.

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  1. A lovely read as always! Thank you for sharing to us the things that have been cheering you up lately. I also love listening to the Modern Love podcast; my colleague from work introduced it to me and since then we would listen to it while we work! I'm also glad you are finding joy in solitude. It's an empowering kind of joy to enjoy time by ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing with us, Risa :) sending you virtual hugs~

    Anna Jo |

  2. Enjoying this new blog series of yours. Exactly what I need to read in this gloomy days. Thank you for your incredible writing, Joanne (and your photos, of course). Hope you're always happy and healthy. xoxo


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