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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Courtesy of The New Yorker

Today, as every other week, I share with you the corners of the Internet that have made me smile.

It's interesting, really, our relationship with the interwebs. I can't tell if it's toxic co-dependency, intense love and hate, or harmless camaraderie. Although I think it's all of the above...

Some notes on quarantine etiquette.

Speaking of quarantine, some renter-friendly interior hacks.

Get a piece of this artistic genius.

Speaking of art, anyone can be an artist.

Speaking of artists, a ballerina dances in an empty Amsterdam.

Speaking of empty cities, there's none quite like New York.

Speaking of New York, this New Yorker cartoon made me laugh.

Speaking of laughs, Jon Stewart's advice for this graduate was hilarious.

Speaking of advice, here's some I gave on writing. (Love seeing your comments!)

Speaking of love, isn't she lovely?

Speaking of lovely "she"s, grateful for mothers.

Speaking of mothers, a wholesome conversation between black moms.

Speaking of wholesomeness, click anywhere.

And speaking of anywhere, draw a line and find it on the globe.


Stay well. Talk to you soon.



From a Distance is a blog series documenting life in the social distance. Paper airplanes flown out my window, hoping to reach yours. For connection. Companionship. A little human-ness in this very strange time. My hope is to make you feel a little less lonely. If you are. Whoever you are.

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  1. I love this! The recreations of famous artwork posted by MuseƩ d'Orsay are amazing!


  2. Well it is a Godsend in these times of sheltering in place.

    Allie of

  3. I love this post this is so great!! Such a nice way to round up your favourites. Love the man repeller piece on quarantine etiquette! x

  4. So crazy seeing New York and other cities completely empty.
    Hope you're doing well!



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