How to Cope in a Heavy, Heavy World

Monday, June 8, 2020

What a week. When we were easing away from the gripping news cycle of case counts, watching the pandemic rise and recede, we suddenly faced the gruelling case of George Floyd. And again, the world erupts. Another battle to fight, on top of an ongoing one we still haven't recovered from. 

These battles are important. And is privilege in any world crisis when we, dear reader, can afford to turn a blind eye. Yet it's so hard to explain how difficult it is to live in 2020. Just as a human being, mentally and emotionally. 

Maybe I'm too sensitive, or maybe I spend too much time online, but I am sick of "unprecedented times" — if that isn't the mildest understatement. 

Bushfires. Pandemic. Violence. We've been getting hit, after hit, after hit, after hit. 

So my question here is the same as anyone: How do we keep our sanity intact?

Q&A | Living Alone in Lockdown

Friday, June 5, 2020

"As millions of people grapple with isolation in a pandemic, those who live alone face a particular kind of solitude." (Source)

I've written many entries about quarantine recently. Last week I put out a call on Instagram for questions on what it's like to be living alone these days. So today, I address them.

To keep you up to speed, I've been a solo dweller for a little over two years now. I will say, though, that living alone at 18, then 19, then 20, are all different experiences. But by now, my third year in Melbourne, I've been well accustomed to the solitude. There is plenty to love: The indulgent amount of personal space, having full control over everything, the peace and quiet. 

I enjoy it. In fact, I still do. Until suddenly, that's all I'm left with.

Homebody sentiments aside, living alone during a pandemic is far from the comfort it would otherwise be. Blissful "solitude" slowly morphs into more fitting terms: Seclusion, isolation. Having your own space to occupy is no longer all that liberating.

So what would come of us, you ask? How do we keep ourselves intact?
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